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Mar 25, 2021

I gave up coffee and have zero regrets. ☕️ Drinking coffee was not just a morning ritual for me, but every system in my body depended on it, even when it was causing a problem. But after laying in bed wide awake for yet another night - I had a wild idea. What if we just stopped drinking coffee?

The first two weeks...

Mar 18, 2021

Dr. Sarah Court, DPT busts fitness myths left + right for us this week. There’s enough nonsense about fitness on the internet and swirling through gyms everywhere, so Sarah and I are doing our best to tackle the most pervasive fitness myths, including: if you should stretch before a workout, if you have to do the same...

Mar 11, 2021

If you’ve ever rolled your upper back on therapy balls or have been massaged there - you know the joy that is trigger points. 

In common areas of high tension, it’s not unusual to find a number of knots, lumps, and bumps that can be incredibly painful. 

And not only can these areas become inflamed and irritated, but...

Mar 4, 2021

Whether it’s workouts or drinking more water, the science of building rock-solid habits is a lot easier than you think. 

Habits are habits - whether they’re good or bad. 

And starting up a new habit can be way easier when you use the 3 strategies I’m sharing in today’s episode. 

These are the same...