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Dec 1, 2022

If you’re a runner or have foot pain, you may have been told that you over (or under) pronate. And you may have also been sold a highly engineered shoe or arch support to help.

And while for some this may resolve the pain, for others, it’s just a bandaid.

But what exactly do pronation and supination of the foot and ankle even mean? Is it a bad thing? Or totally normal part of movement that we need?

Hint: it’s the latter

In today’s episode, we’re putting on our Body Detective caps to learn more about pronation and supination, why it’s not necessarily a bad thing, and how building foot and lower leg strength will be a more effective (and cheaper) alternative to fancy sneakers.

Plus, I’m also sharing the connection between low back pain, pronation and walking - which you’ll be pleased to know, is an easier fix than you might think!

So whether you have foot pain (or not), flat feet, high arches, or anything in between - today’s episode is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • What pronation and supination of the foot actually means
  • If you need special shoes or arch supports to change it
  • The connection between pronation, walking, and back pain
  • And the best exercises to help you move better and feel better

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