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Mar 10, 2022

What are your thoughts on kettlebells? Yay or nay?

I get it - kettlebells can be intimidating. Are you supposed to swing it around? Are they super duper heavy? How do you even use them?

Which is why I’m so excited to be joined today by kettlebell coach Damali Fraiser. 

Damali teaches safe evidence-based kettlebell training, body positive fitness and sustainable nutrition that supports you in starting wherever you are and confidently moving forward to where you want to be.

And, as I found out during our conversation, she is a total body nerd, so we definitely get along 🤗

If you’ve been kettlebell curious or are looking for a way to change up your strength training (and want to be safe while you do it) - then today’s episode is for you. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to get started with kettlebells
  • Common misconceptions about kettlebells and strength training
  • How to pick the right weight and style of kettlebell if you’re a beginner

All the links:

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