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Jan 21, 2021

Are emotions really held in the hips? Today’s guest has all the reasoning behind why they are. I’m joined by somatic therapist, coach, and educator, Raina LaGrand.

We cover everything from how emotions and trauma are held in the body, how to get reconnected to yourself (even if breathing feels stressful), and the best ways to get grounded when the world around you feels out of control.

She’s the perfect person to ask if you really can release emotions in your hips 😜

With the neverending news cycle and disturbing images of a violent mob taking over the United States Capitol just a few weeks ago, I’ve been relying on my movement routines more than ever. 

So if you too have been feeling out of sorts and are seeking ways to feel more settled in your body, Raina has tons of practical tips to share.

You’ll learn:

  • How emotions and trauma are held in the body
  • If pigeon pose and stretching your hips will really release your feelings
  • The best ways to reconnect with body, especially when breathing feels stressful

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