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Sep 5, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, getting stronger will not make you bulk up and lose flexibility. In fact, you’ll probably feel more confident, have better posture, and stop having to ask for help to open jars all the time. Getting stronger transformed the way I carry myself and I have Elizabeth Wipff of Strong and Bendy to thank for that. Elizabeth is on a mission to demystify strength training for people want to get in the gym but just don’t know where to start.

On today’s episode, we cover:

  • What it means to be strong
  • Where to get started with strength training
  • And why picking up a weight will transform your life and help you create confidence you never knew you had

All the links:

- Elizabeth’s Website Strong and Bendy

- Elizabeth’s Strength and Conditioning for Bendy People class in New York (October 2019)

- Elizabeth on IG @strongandbendy


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