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Apr 28, 2022

Would you take a cold shower... intentionally? Because my guest today says you should, and she’s got the science to back it up! 

I’m joined by nurse and Wim Hof instructor Christina Casey, who is sharing all the benefits of cold exposure, including why you should be taking cold showers, how the cold can reduce stress and improve immunity, and how to start incorporating it into your regular routine. 

As someone who is always cold, I was a little skeptical of intentionally taking cold showers, but after this conversation, I’m seriously considering it. 

So if you’ve heard of Wim Hof the Iceman or are just curious about more self-care strategies that can boost your health while reducing anxiety, check out today’s episode! 

You’ll learn:

  • Why you should be taking cold showers
  • The benefits of cold exposure (including less stress and better immunity)
  • And how to start incorporating it into your regular routine

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