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Apr 21, 2022

What do neck pain, eye strain and post-concussive symptoms have in common? They’re all connected to dysfunction in the tiny muscles at the base of your skull known as the suboccipitals. 

I know I talk about how it’s all connected - and that makes no difference if we’re talking about your IT band, ankle, neck pain, or eyeballs. 

Computer vision syndrome (aka digital eye strain) has been a recognized health problem for over 20 years and to the surprise of absolutely no one, has been increasing among the general population througout the COVID lockdown. 

So while you’re not the only one doom scrolling, getting rid of those daily headaches and regular neck pain may require addressing eye strain (and not just your neck). 

So whether you have neck pain in the mornings, at the end of a long day, or all day every day and can’t figure out what’s causing it - today’s episode is for you. 

You’ll learn:

  • The relationship between eye strain and neck pain
  • How addressing neck pain can improve post-concussive symptoms
  • And easy changes you can make right now to improve your neck pain

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