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Mar 25, 2021

I gave up coffee and have zero regrets. ☕️ Drinking coffee was not just a morning ritual for me, but every system in my body depended on it, even when it was causing a problem. But after laying in bed wide awake for yet another night - I had a wild idea. What if we just stopped drinking coffee?

The first two weeks were hell. 

But after that? I started getting the best sleep of my life and waking up refreshed. 

I literally woke up feeling more refreshed NOT drinking coffee than I ever did after my gigantic cup of coffee.

So today’s episode is for you coffee lovers, and while I might not be able to talk you out of it, you’ll at least have a better understanding of how it works in your brain. 

You’ll learn:

  • How caffeine works in your brain
  • How to figure out if you’re caffeine-sensitive
  • And how to be more energized without that morning cup of coffee! 

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