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Oct 29, 2020

If you took a break from workouts after the gyms closed earlier this year, you might have noticed that things like concentration and sleep got a little bit harder. But what actually happens to your brain when you exercise? And why do people who exercise seem to have more energy, even when they’re using it all the time? 

Listen in and learn:

  • What happens to your brain when you exercise
  • How exercise helps maintain chemical balance of the brain
  • And how much movement you actually need to reap the benefits

All the links:

- Exercise Influence on Hippocampal Function: Possible Involvement of Orexin-A

- Altenburg TM, Chinapaw MJ, Singh AS. Effects of one versus two bouts of moderate intensity physical activity on selective attention during a school morning in Dutch primary schoolchildren: A randomized controlled trial. J Sci Med Sport. 2016

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