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Mar 7, 2024

More than 50 million people in the U.S. live with osteoporosis, a bone disease that leads to a decrease in the structure and strength of bone. But what if I told you that the best way to rebuild bone strength doesn’t require any pharmaceuticals?

Because it might surprise you to know that osteopenia isn't the same as osteoporosis. But should we be treating them differently?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by physical therapist (and my hiking partner), Dr. Sarah Court (@sarahcourtdpt), and she’s sharing her best tips to improve bone density, the difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia, why strength training might be a better bet than pharmaceuticals and how to get started with strength training when you’re worried about building stronger bones.

We’re scared into the idea that our bones are becoming weak and brittle - and for some people, this may 100% be true.

And from the conversations I’m having with clients and my DM’s on social media, it's clear this is on many of our minds, and I couldn't be more excited to tackle it in today's episode.

Dr. Sarah is here to guide us through the nuances of building stronger bones - so whether this is top of mind or not, I know you’re going to enjoy today’s episode!

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • How to improve bone density
  • How to get started with strength training (and why you absolutely want to)

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