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Aug 17, 2023

We're all too familiar with how media, fashion, advertising, and the fitness industry can make us feel less confident about our amazing bodies. So today - we’re diving deep into the world of cellulite.

Despite the substantial investments made in its treatment, the research landscape is a wild ride, with more focus on remedies than actually understanding its root cause.

Cellulite is not a problem to be fixed, but rather a natural part of your body's tissue layers. And by delving into the connection between fascial health and cellulite's appearance, you'll gain valuable insights into caring for your body.

So if you’re concerned about cellulite, today’s episode is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • The science of cellulite and what it is
  • Latest cellulite research
  • And what your fascial health has to do with the appearance of cellulite

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