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Aug 26, 2021

Do you have flat feet? Do you know how to tell if you do?

You're not alone - almost 75% of people in the United States will suffer from foot pain at some point in their life.

Your feet are a sensory organ just as much as your hands and eyes are. And while flat feet or fallen arches may feel like a permanent sentence - they're not.

I've been the person with custom orthotics and thick cushioned shoes. And I'm now the person who prefers barefoot and can go all day in minimalist shoes.

And while the difference between the two might feel like an impossible leap for you right now, I promise you that it's not.

So whether you have any number of foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel pain, tendinopathy, or more (or you just want to prevent them), today's episode is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • How to tell if you have flat feet
  • The anatomy of the arch
  • And my best flat foot fixes

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