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Oct 3, 2019

All things skin care, skin fitness, SPF and more with skin fitness expert and friend, Cybil Solyn. Cybil has been instrumental in helping me get clearer and more healthy skin, even after two rounds of Accutane couldn’t clear up my acne. On today’s episode, she answers your biggest questions around skin care and how to take excellent care of the largest organ in your body.

We cover:

  • All things SPF: how to use it, if higher is actually better and if SPF clothing does what you think
  • How the ingredients in the products you use around your face (shampoo included!) can be the source of breakouts
  • And if jade rollers are really as beneficial as instagram wants us to think they are

All the links:

- Cybil’s Instagram: @yourskinfitnessexpert

- Cybil’s Website


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